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Hire our software development teams to have the best experts in the market working with you

Be it for stand alone projects or long term staff augmentation, our development teams are always fine-tuned until they're taylor made for you.

We have custom workflows, designed with years of market experience in mind

The best cost-benefit ratio

We keep our teams just the right size to deliver the best software solutions with maximum cost efficiency.

One team is all you need

We master a variety of programming languages and technologies to be able to face any challenge and implement any idea.

Trusted people in every project

Each team is centered around people we know and trust, working under close supervision of our company leaders.

We know our
developers by name.

Your project will be worked on by developers we trust and not by a team hired out of the blue. The people that make up our squads are the same people that move Usabit forward.

This isn't marketing.
This webpage is temporary.

The software development market is in an all time high right now and finding skilled professionals becomes increasingly difficult. We put up this page whenever one of our contracts comes to an end, but soon our team will be assigned new clients, closing this window of opportunity.

Why hire our teams?

With our developent teams you can save time and bring in trustworthy experts to help advance your project, all without the commitment or stress of onboarding or recruiting. This way you can focus your time and energy where it matters most!

Optimize work distribution

We keep our teams just the right size to deliver the best software solutions with maximum cost efficiency.

Maximize your staff's effiency

We master a variety of programming languages and technologies to be able to face any challenge and implement any idea.

Work better and faster

Each team is centered around people we know and trust, working under close supervision of our company leaders.

5 reasons to outsource your software's development with Usabit

Talent density

As a software development company we're constantly searching for the best developers in the market. Our business model draws in great talent by offering several benefits traditional organizations don't.

Experience and stability

Our company leaders have over 15 years of experience with design and software development in both high and low complexity endeavours. This kind of background is exactly what ensures the success of your project

Low risk, high reward

With our teams you lower the risks and soften learning curves when compared to building a development team from the ground up. Beyond that, outsourced developers are proven to be more efficient and simpler to manage, thanks to the absence of HR costs.

Immediate take off

By hiring your own team you take up not only high recruitment costs but also the burden of having to set everything up from the legal standpoint. With our squads, all of it is already done by us so you can hit the ground running.

Out of the box thinking

Every day our developers do much more than simple daily tasks. The experiences we've had with different markets coupled with our team's eagerness to learn and share knowledge guarantees the addition of fresh, inovative perspectives to your project.

We're an established company with national and international clients.

If it's digital, we can build it.

Web Development

Our team masters several programming languages and technologies used for front and back-end development, such as React, VueJS, Angular, Ruby, Python and PHP. That way we can implement any idea, regardless of project specificities.


UX Design

We design, test and validate software side by side with real users to lower development costs, breakthrough misconceptions and deliver organic experiences that fully satisfy the final customer’s needs.



Android and iOS applications

When smartphones first became popular our company leaders were already there, studying and developing apps for the first iPhones and Androids. Now Usabit has over 15 years of experience to add to your project.


Integration Services

We understand just how important it is to keep your data architecture active. And that’s why we are experts in developing integrations to keep your systems connected in the most efficient way possible.




Maintenance and code refactoring

Programming that keeps the code optimized can save tons of time and money. Therefore, while keeping your projects our developers won’t do just maintenance, they’ll constantly work to refine what’s being done to ensure safe scalability.




Android and iOS applications

We’ve worked with database integration in both large and small scale projects with a number of different database services, including MySQL, SQLserver, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase and AWS. Your data is safe with us.


From full stack developers to UX/UI designers. We're a company full of people who master their craft.

What our clients say about us

The best of streaming

The apps for Brazil's biggest radio stations

Technology and finance

The technology behind the financial market

The UX behind e-commerce

E-commerce for the biggest airport retailer in the world

Online and offline events

Management and ticket sales for the beauty market

One place. All the expertise.

Avoid the headache of having to manage different teams for a single project. We are experts in everything needed to take your product all the way through the finish line.

We are a full-stack web development company

Front-end Design
Web development
Android and iOS apps
Data architecture
BI and Business Analytics

We specialize in high performance projects

Our team is responsible for building highly complex systems, such as the ones on stockbrokers. We also manage the apps for Brazil’s largest radio stations and have experience developing Intranets
and Home Brokers.

We make up one single team, with you

At Usabit you will receive constant updates in addition to being able to closely follow the status of your project online through our management tools. That way you can accompany our development’s progress in real time.

If it's digital, we can build it.

Free project analysis and overview

To kick things off, we’ll perform a technical analysis regarding scope and viability, studying possible system integrations and infrastructure availability, defining the best programming language for the job and doing cost predictions on top of evaluating other project KPI’s.

Free LGPD consultancy with our company's legal department

Our legal department specializes in technology affairs to help you adapt to the new data protection laws.

Design part of your project will be free of charge!

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